Amazing Stories about Bitcoin
Despite Bitcoin making the news a couple of times some people are still yet to know the full story behind the crypto currency. This crypto currency is autonomous from the traditional banking that  people have come to know. There are many crypto currencies that are in circulation but Bitcoin has made its mark as its considered to be the best known in the world. The beauty of working with bit coin is that  the security  is one of its own kind, the computer networks involved  have to perform complex mathematical functions to verify and a record the transaction in an online ledger. 

Another reason why investing in Bitcoin a is attractive is because there is no central bank has the authority to govern the supply of the cryptocurrency. The number of new Bitcoin being mined has gone down as the number of units is limited to just twenty one million , low inflation is  not something to worry a Bitcoin investor. Bitcoin has impacted people's lives differently and some stories will leave you in awe. In its introduction, Bitcoin would have cost you pennies but now the cryptocurrency goes for over six thousand US dollars for one Bitcoin.

 One Erik Finman a twelve year old in 2011  invested all of one thousand dollars given to him by his grandmother which two years  later would appreciate to one hundred  thousand dollars. Finman would later drop out of school and come up with a company of his own which he sold for  three hundred Bitcoins elevating him even higher. One Norwegian man, Kristoffer  Koch was writing a thesis paper and that is how he came to know about Bitcoin, he invested  just twenty seven dollars and forgot about it later when he saw  Bitcoin trending  on the news  he remembered his password and  checked to see what he had , it was a whooping Eight hundred and eighty six thousand dollars to his name and this info. is contained on our website. Read more info now.

 With success stories also comes  some loss stories as well. An early adopter of the currency  Jered Kenna had a bad experience after hackers went through his email  and got access to his wallet and stole  eight hundred Bitcoins, however that did not hold him back because through cryptocurrency the man redeemed himself. The story of  the ten thousand  Bitcoin pizza is bound to close the curtains, one man Laszlo Hanyecz paid ten thousand bitcoins in exchange for Papa John's pizza which at the time were worth thirty dollars but today  they are worth eighty two million US dollars, this was the first Bitcoin transaction for a tangibles as you can see when you click the page of our website.